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「2019 Window on Korea (WOK) Overseas Installation Funding Project」

The National Library of Korea is conducting a demand survey regarding the2019 Korea Reference Room Overseas Installation Funding Project: Window On Korea (WOK). We look forward to the participation of many institutions.


We invite institutions that would like to have the Window on Korea installed to fill out the “application form” and submit it via e-mail or fax.


Submission Deadline:

  2019 WOK Installation: by Monday, October 15, 2018


 Submit to:

  International Cooperation and PR Team, National Library of Korea


          Fax : +82-2-590-6329

Information Sharing

Korean Newspaper Archives (

[Korean Studies Reference Resources] Korean Newspaper Archives (


Various institutions such as libraries, museums etc. hold original Korean old newspapers. ‘Korean Newspaper Archives (’ integrates these old newspaper information resources. The archive provides a total of 4.52 million historical records on Korean modern and contemporary history including 2.44 million articles of 65 titles of old newspapers constructed by the NLK and 2.08 million articles of 15 titles of old newspapers donated by Korea Press Foundation after it signed an MOU with the NLK in 2016. Users can access lively records from the 19th century to 1955, such as Bang-gok-lyeong in 1889, the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 etc. without going through a separate verification procedure.

By constructing Linked Open Data (LOD) that can link data of different sources, ‘Korean Newspaper Archives’ provides a broad range of services including limited search function that increases accuracy for searching by newspaper, publication year, article type, topic, Newspaper Trend that allows users to search 3 words at the same time and provides graphs that show appearance frequency for each year, Newspaper Chronicle which visualizes search results into a chronicle, Subject Relation Service that shows a relationship diagram of figures, events, places, institutions related with the topic, Link Service that provides materials related with the topic held by the NLK, newspaper download function etc..

If you search independence (독립) at subject relation service, you will be provided with a diagram of words related with the subject such as Kim Koo (김구), Rhee Syng-man (이승만) etc. as related figures, Great Korean Empire (대한제국), Taehan-chakang-hoe (대한자강회) etc. as related institutions, the March 1st Movement (기미독립운동), Eulsa Treaty (을사조약) etc. as related events. You can also find materials related with your search results and held by the NLK. 6,690 articles and 10,288 items are found for Kim Koo (김구), a figure related with independence (독립).

The archive also provides ‘Digital Collection service’ which classifies old newspapers by era including Japanese colonial era, era of military government and subject such as independence movement, liberation etc.. Korea Press Foundation's BigKinds also plans to provide service linked with Korean Newspaper Archives for users to search old newspaper articles starting from April 2018.


Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (December 2017)

Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (December 2017)

The Korean Studies Resources at the Helsinki University Library
헬싱키대학교 도서관의 한국학 자료
Juha Leppämäki (유하 레페메키)

The Korean Studies Collections and their Management at the Library of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City
베트남 호치민 인문사회과학대학 도서관의 한국학 장서 및 운영
Bui Thu Hang (부이 투 항)
Bui Ngoc Quang (부이 응옥 꽝)
Bui Hong Hanh (부이 홍 하잉)

Introduction of the NLK’s Project: Establishing Korean Authorities File for Data Sharing and Convergence and International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) Operation
국립중앙도서관 사업 소개: 데이터 공유와 융합을 위한 국가전거파일 구축 및 ISNI(국제표준이름식별자) 운영
Haeyong Lee (이혜용)