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「2018 Window on Korea (WOK) Overseas Installation Funding Project」

The National Library of Korea is conducting a demand survey regarding the「2018 Korea Reference Room OverseasInstallation Funding Project: Window On Korea (WOK)」. We look forward to the participation of many institutions.


We invite institutions that would like to have the Window on Korea installed to fill out the “application form” and submit it via e-mail or fax.


Submission Deadline:

  ㅇ2018 WOK Installation: by Monday, October 16, 2017


 Submit to:

  ㅇInternational Cooperation and PR Team, National Library ofKorea

          • E-mail:

          • Fax : +82-2-590-6329

Information Sharing

Searching Korean authors and literature overseas will become easier

Searching Korean authors and literature overseas will become easier

NLK to share information on 220,000 authors and assign ISNIs

Starting February 1st, 2016, overseas users will be able to easily search materials written in Korean by Korean or foreign authors and researchers.

In 2015 the National Library of Korea (Chief Executive Lim Wonsun) signed an agreement with the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), a worldwide library service organization, and provided a database containing information on 220,000 Korean and foreign authors, including various ways of writing the authors’ names, to be included in the OCLC’s Virtual International Authority File (VIAF).

The database has been integrated with author information from countries around the world and is available starting February.

The National Library of Korea’s participation in the VIAF is expected to lay the foundation for facilitating Korean materials services in overseas libraries and bookstores which had previously had difficulty in handling materials written in Korean.

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Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2017)

Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2017)

The Korean Studies Collection at the Oslo University Library

오슬로대학교 도서관의 한국학 장서
Ane Husstad-Nedberg (아네 후스타-네버)

The Korean Collection at the University of Minnesota
미네소타대학교의 한국 장서
Yao Chen (야오 첸)

The Korean Studies and Korean Collection of the Ateneo de Manila University
아테네오 드 마닐라대학교의 한국학 및 한국 장서
Genezah Dela Cruz (제네사 델라 크루스)