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「2019 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop」 Application Guideline

「2019 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop」 Application Guideline

The National Library of Korea will hold the 『2019 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop』 for about 20 Korean Studies librarians.

The workshop aims to improve expertise in Korean studies library management and share Korean studies library trends through lectures given by experts related with Korean Studies and Library and Information Science, discussions and presentations given by participants.

Started in 2005, the workshop celebrates its 12th anniversary this year and will be held at the National Library of Korea in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, from October 13 (Sun) to October 18 (Fri).

To apply for the workshop, please complete the application form and submit it via email or fax by Friday, April 12, 2019.
  • e-mail: or
  • fax: +82-2-590-6329

For more details, please find the attached files.


2019년도 「해외 한국학 사서 워크숍」 개최 및 참석 지원서 작성 안내

한국 국립중앙도서관은 해외 한국학 사서(20명 내외)를 대상으로 『2019 해외 한국학 사서 워크숍』을 개최합니다.

해외 한국학 사서 워크숍을 통해 한국학, 문헌정보학 관련 전문가 강의와 참가자 주제발표 및 토론을 통해 한국학 도서관 운영에 유용한 전문 지식을 키우고, 각국의 한국학 도서관 동향을 공유함으로써 상호 지식정보의 연계를 강화하고자 합니다.

2005년에 처음 시작하여 올해로 12회째를 맞는 워크숍은 올해 10월 13일(일)부터 10월 18일(금)까지 5박 6일간의 일정으로 한국 국립중앙도서관(서울 반포동)에서 개최됩니다.

본 워크숍에 참석을 희망하는 분은 지원서 양식을 작성하시어, e-mail 또는 fax로 2019년 4월 12일(금)까지 제출하여 주시기 바랍니다.

자세한 내용은 첨부파일을 확인해주시기 바랍니다.

■ 제출처
  • e-mail: or
  • fax: +82-2-590-6329


Information Sharing

RINK : The NLK Starts Research Information Services

To encourage academic research with its 11 million national collections, the National Library of Korea has been providing research information services since July 24 2018.

Users registered as researchers can use open and private research areas for 3 weeks to 12 months and borrow books in the library (20 books at a time for up to 45 days). On/offline materials such as domestic and overseas academic DB and overseas academic monographs are also provided in the research room.
Moreover, the collaboration space that can hold up to 80 people is available for research conferences, workshops, education, seminars etc.

Those who wish to register can apply for one of the 6 fields including national R&D, doctoral thesis, journal article, academic book, overseas researcher (Korean studies),  materials research depending on planned research results.

For those with university degrees from abroad and applicants of the program for researchers abroad, the NLK improved the applicant qualification verification process by adding a new application method.  Researchers recommended by librarians of the institution he or she belongs to can now apply for the service. Research information services offers as a good opportunity for overseas researchers interested in Korean studies or on vacation to conduct research using facilities and books of the national library.
Users can check the qualification and program details and apply for the research information service on the NLK's website (

* RINK : Research Information Services National Library of Korea


Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (September 2018)

Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (September 2018)

The Korean Collection at Cornell University

코넬대학교의 한국학 장서

You Lee Chun (전유리)

The 2017 Workshop on Korean Data Services : Useful data resources for Korean data refernce

2017 한국학 사서들을 위한 데이터 서비스 워크숍 : 한국학 연구에 유용한 데이터베이스

Jungwon Yang (양정원)

University of California San Diego and Its Korean Collection

캘리포니아대학교 샌디에이고 캠버스 도서관의 한국학 장서 및 운영 현황

Moon Jin (문효진)