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「2020 Window on Korea (WOK) Overseas Installation Funding Project」

The National Library of Korea is conducting a demand survey regarding the 2020 Korea Reference Room Overseas Installation Funding Project: Window On Korea (WOK). We look forward to the participation of many institutions.


We invite institutions that would like to have the Window on Korea installed to fill out the “application form” and submit it via e-mail or fax.


Submission Deadline:

  2020 WOK Installation: by Monday, October 21, 2019


 Submit to:

  International Cooperation and PR Team, National Library of Korea


          Fax : +82-2-590-6329

Information Sharing

The National Archives of Korea’s government publications

Government publications are published by public institutions under the Act on the Management of Public Archives Article 3 Section 1 to share the purpose and work responsibility of an institution within the institution or with the general public. As government publications include policy implementation process and result, various statistics and research/survey results, they are used as national policy legislation and administration reference materials.

The National Archives of Korea’s Government Publications Collection provides catalogue information of 240,486 government publications published between 1953 and 2015 and transferred to the National Archives of Korea and published between 1953 and 2015 by various institutions as well as full-text image of 169,222 books.


For users’ convenient searching, the collection provides functions such as Search by Keyword, Search by Publication Year, Search by Publishers and Search by Publication Type.


The Search by Publishing Institution menu is for searching government publications by publishing institution (e.g. national administrative organization, self-governing organization, educational organization, legislative organization, government investment institution, affiliated organization, committee, elementary school, middle school, high school, higher education institution, judicial authority, constitutional institution). Institutions (including abolished institutions) are classified by the administrative standard code.

By using the Search by Government Publication Type, you can search by material type (e.g. yearbook, white paper, statistics collection, handbook, project report, research/survey report, historical record book, institutional publication, educational material, meeting material, catalogue, lecture book and exhibition/illustrated book/art book).

The Advanced Search function is for searching by keyword, publishing institution, publication year, publication type, open/closed status (open, partially open, closed), full-text service etc. Using the filter function, you can re-search within searched results and restrict search results. For materials provided with full-text, you can see the full-text of the material with a single click.


Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2019)

Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2019)

The Korean Collection at the University of Washington Libraries
워싱턴대학교의 한국 장서
Hyokyoung Yi (이효경)

The Korean Collection at the Sapienza University of Rome
로마 라 사피엔자 대학교의 한국학 장서
Fabio Stassi (파비오 스타씨), Antonella Fallerin (안토넬라 팔레리니)

The Korean collection at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
히브리대학교의 한국학 장서
Hanoch Roniger (하녹 로니거)

The Research Information Service of the National Library of Korea: Creating a Korean model for academic research services
학술 연구 서비스의 한국적 운영 모델을 만들다: 국립중앙도서관 연구정보서비스
Mingi Kang (강민기)