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[National Library of Korea] INKSLIB Newsletter No. 5 (September 2019)

Dear INKSLIB members,
Greetings, and best wishes to you all!
It is the 5th newsletter for INKSLIB members.
Please find the attached file.
Below is the table of contents.

1. NLK News
1.1 Professor Suh Hye-ran Appointed as Chief Executive of the NLK
1.2 DCMI 2019 held at the NLK
1.3 Notice on Application for Window on Korea (Deadline Oct 21)

2. Reference sources
2.1 Korea Open CourseWare KOCW (
2.2 Government Administration Monitoring Index, eGovernment Indexes (

For INKSLIB members, you can share not only your library’s Korean studies-related updates but also any news items big or small via this newsletter!
We will share the news along with our’s and keep the INKSLIB members connected.
If you want to share your items, please send an email to whenever you have something to share and notify about.
We ask for your continued interest in our newsletter.

Haeyong Lee
National Library of Korea

Information Sharing

Academy of Korean Studies Korean Studies Dictionary (

[Korean Studiese Reference sources] Academy of Korean Studies Korean Studies Dictionary (


The Academy of Korean Studies created an online dictionary that provides various English translations of Korean studies terms to standardize Korean studies terms in English. The database holds about 7,000 examples collected from over 200 books since 2005.

Dictionary contents consist of Korean name (name in Chinese character), field/type/period, definition in hangeul (Korean alphabet), transcription by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism, McCune-Reischauer romanization, thematic role, example sentences and sources.


Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2019)

Trends in Overseas Korean Studies Libraries (June 2019)

The Korean Collection at the University of Washington Libraries
워싱턴대학교의 한국 장서
Hyokyoung Yi (이효경)

The Korean Collection at the Sapienza University of Rome
로마 라 사피엔자 대학교의 한국학 장서
Fabio Stassi (파비오 스타씨), Antonella Fallerin (안토넬라 팔레리니)

The Korean collection at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
히브리대학교의 한국학 장서
Hanoch Roniger (하녹 로니거)

The Research Information Service of the National Library of Korea: Creating a Korean model for academic research services
학술 연구 서비스의 한국적 운영 모델을 만들다: 국립중앙도서관 연구정보서비스
Mingi Kang (강민기)