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NLK Project

NLK Full-text DB Service

Supports research for Korean Studies by increasing accessibility of NLK digititized materials from overseas libraries
Current status of digitized materials

As of December, 2016

Type No. of Books No. of Pages Type No. of Books No. of Pages
Total 629,436 166,267,847
Private collections 4,524 908,780 New Literature novels 654 203,873
Old books & manuscripts 99,586 14,124,626 Music scores - 570,513
Old maps 196 5,293 Materials for children and young adults 42,021 5,454,387
Official gazettes
164 147,133 Valuable copies of serials 4,211 291,335
Textbooks 4,485 918,485 Doctoral dissertations in humanities 27,820 5,282,806
Domestically published Korea-related materials written in non-Korean language 234 47,430 Japanese materials
(until 1945)
91,777 35,707,304
Monographs 322,052 92,938,712 Government publications 12,858 2,720,037
Materials related to Dokdo Island 145 33,055 Selected Korean classics 615 92,540
Materials issued by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 1,939 646,281 Korea-related materials written in non-Korean language 14,712 5,084,397
Newspapers 528 1,002,306 Classical novels published in Hangul (the Korean alphabet) 915 88,554
How to use
  • Free use
    • Applicable to materials with copyrights expired or those permitted for free use
  • Copyrighted use through partnership agreement process  Download Agreement Process
    • Applicable to digital materials with copyrights
    • Accessible through designated PCs within partner libraries of the National Library of Korea
      * NLK will cover royalties for viewing/printing copyrighted full-texts until Aug. 2019.
  • Use full-text databases: the NLK's english website ( > Search > Digitized Materials
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