[National Library of Korea] INKSLIB Newsletter No. 10(December 2020)
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  • Date 2020-12-21
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Dear INKSLIB members,

Greetings, and best wishes to you all!
It is the 9th newsletter for INKSLIB members.
Please find the attached file.
Below is the table of contents.

1. Domestic News
1.1 NLK 75th Anniversary Ceremony and Symposium
1.2 57th KLA General Conference
1.3 Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Online Workshop
1.4 Preparing for Post COVID-19 Era with Data
1.5 Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library's Digital Collections Available Online for Free

2. Reference Sources
2.1 Worldlibrary(https://librarian.nl.go.kr/LI/contents/L30500000000.do)

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Jaeyong Na
National Library of Korea