[National Library of Korea] INKSLIB Webzine Vol.2 (December 2021)
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  • Date 2021-12-31
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newsletter vol2 2021.12.30
newsletter vol2 2021.12.30
newsletter vol2 2021.12.30
한국학소식 더보기 The Understanding Korea Project Status of Korean Studies in the United States Korea-related materials and their Management at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem The first Korean Studies librarian at Princeton University 주요소식 더보기 The 76th anniversary of the NLK brightened by celebrating with the library community The 58th National Library Conference and Exhibition: #Meta-Library, Connect with the New World A virtual WLIC held successfully without the constraints of time or space The NLK leads the country’s conversion to digital Sharing South Korean bibliographic information with libraries around the world NLK has launched its Visiting Scholar Program for overseas Korean Studies researchers How many books made with movable metal type remain? Passing on the spirit of the Odaesan National History Archives: the winners of the International Competition for the National Library of Korea Data Preservation Center announced Support provided for the construction or remodeling of 62 libraries to meet the needs of communities The Jangseogak Archives of the Academy of Korean Studies hosted a special exhibition of cultural heritage officially recognized by the central or a provincial government The Academy of Korean Studies published a special edition of the Korea Journal in celebration of its 60th anniversary Five prestigious universities, including UC Berkeley and the University of Pennsylvania, to install professorships in Korean Studies The Library of Congress plans to resume in-person book festival in 2022 Springer Nature and the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) announce a new partnership 수신거부