• 1 Personal information collection and use consent
  • 2 참가지원서 작성
  • 3 참가제안서 작성

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

-Provided for Cultural Partnership Initiative foreign librarian training program

Information collected and used

[Essential information] ID, password, photo, English name(surname, first name), nationality, date of birth, gender, home address, phone number, e-mail, marital status, emergency contact information(name, tel number), passport information(passport number, expiration date), language skills, college and graduate education information(name, city, country, period of education, degrees and academic achievements, major), employment history and/or special activities, information on your current institution, references(list of 3 people), criminal record(arrested for involvement etc., received the summons or conviction, monetary penalty and confinement experience), confirmation that content on submitted document is true and consent on cancellation of participation if there is misrepresentation or omission of facts, statement of purpose & plans, individual comparative research and presentation activity

[Optional information] Name of spouse, existence of children, how you got to know CPI, experience of visiting Korea(if yes, location, duration, purpose), experience in support from foreign foundation/government or participating in other residence program/fellowship program(if yes, name, duration, country), official language test scores, related activities or research activities.

Grounds, purpose and period of retaining personal information

- Ground : Consent of the data subject(CPI applicant)

- Purpose : To check personal data needed when the participant stays in Korea for the CPI foreign librarian training program and provide materials for identification

- Retention period : Retained and used for 3 years and deleted as soon as the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved

Right to refuse and following disadvantages

-As consensus for collecting and using essential information among personal information listed above is essential for providing basic service, you have to agree with providing essential information to use the service.

-You may refuse to agree with the collection and use of optional information among personal information listed above according to Personal Information Protection Act article 15. If you do not agree, you may get disadvantage when using optional services.

-However, we do not refuse to provide goods or services for the reason that you do not agree with the collection of optional information.

Consensus for collecting and using personal information

- Essential information

- Optional information

"Please apply for CPI on the website using PC or laptop."

("CPI신청은 PC나 노트북을 이용하여 웹사이트에서 이용하실 수 있습니다.")