OAK National Repository (http://www.oak.go.kr/main/main.do)
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  • Date 2020-03-31
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OAK National Repository is an open access archive for freely sharing and spreading to the entire world digital knowledge information produced by institutions (universities, research institutes etc.) like theses, reports, monographs and patents by registering and managing them. The repository provides 895,251 open access content (items) collected from 41 institutional repositories and there are 390,000 theses, which accounts for 44% of the entire collection.

Using OAK portal service, users can search in an integrated manner materials like theses and reports of domestic institutional repositories.


Meanwhile, Korea Journal Copyright Information (KJCI) service provides access to information on copyright policy for academic journals of learned societies in Korea including academic journal copyright owner information and conditions for reusing.

Other than that, by sharing OAK portal search service platform through OAK Open API, the NLK is supporting the development of new information service.

* OAK : Open Access Korea

* Open Access : Based on the concept “free access and use of academic information”,

open access is an international movement to allow anyone to freely share various kinds of

research achievements wherever via internet as soon as they are published.


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