NLK provides a personal research space for visiting scholars!

  • Writer Yeongjo Yun
  • Date 2021-07-26
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- NLK Residency Program for Overseas Korean Studies Researchers -

The National Library of Korea (Chief Executive Suh Hye Ran) has launched a residency program for overseas Korean Studies researchers effective July 2021.

The goal of this program is to help visiting overseas researchers to use the library as a research base in South Korea and make full use of its collections. Korean Studies researchers from overseas universities or research institutes and who plan to stay in South Korea for research purposes for six or more months are eligible for the program.

The services provided include expanded access to the library collections, access to both domestic and international academic databases, interlibrary loan services, special purchase of requested international academic e-books that are not currently in the library collections, and academic reference services.

The library will provide participants in the program with a personal research space for up to one year during their stay in the country and offer special opportunities for them to share their research with other researchers in the NLK’s Research Information Services program.

Associate Professor Young Kyun Oh from Arizona State University will begin using this program on August 19.

“Overseas researchers don’t have a ”home“ in the country where they can freely access resources and pursue their studies. It is great that I have a place to do my research at the largest library here. I’m particularly lucky since my area of study is the cultural history of books, which requires easy access to lots of ancient literature, and here I am at the National Library of Korea!” he said.

“We’ve planned this program as part of our efforts to help Korean Studies researchers focus more completely on their research and make the most out of the resources our library offers,” said a librarian at the National Library of Korea. For more details on applications for this program, visit Photo. Research Information Services Room at the National Library of Korea.

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