Notification on Demand Survey to Increase EADL Participation
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  • Date 2021-09-07
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I’m Park Eun-ju at the National Library of Korea Digital Library Planning Division in charge of East Asia Digital Library(EADL) establishment and operation.

In September 2020, in cooperation with the National Diet Library of Japan, the National Library of Korea launched East Asia Digital Library(EADL) and has been test-operating it since then.

* For details, check the attached file and

The East Asia Digital Library was established to increase understanding and support for research on East Asian culture, by sharing and strengthening access to East Asia’s knowledge culture heritage, knowledge information resource related with Korea, China and Japan in particular. The NLK and NDL has planned a website, created a data model and system document, expanded contents yearly and provided them through EADL.

As the first step, the EADL will conduct a demand survey for institutions that wish to participate in the EADL through the NLK’s International Network of Korean Studies Librarians(INKSLIB) and select 2 participants for this year’s pilot project.

In accordance with the MOU between the National Diet Library of Japan and National Library of Korea signed March 25 in 2020, EADL plans to collect knowledge information resource related with Korea, China and Japan scattered across the whole world step by step, provide abundant service contents and develop professional information service. To do so, the EADL encourages participation of libraries and research institutions that hold East Asia knowledge information resource.

We encourage active participation from institutions interested in joint utilization and provision of resources and information service related with East Asia through EADL.

The application form submission deadline is September 24 2021.

Please fill out the application form and send to the staff in charge of EADL at

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