The text analysis of strategic plans of national libraries

  • Writer Yeongjo Yun
  • Date 2022-05-18
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The text analysis of strategic plans of national libraries

The importance of a strategic plan has become more evident among national libraries as they pursue rationality and efficiency in management. A strategic plan is a road map that articulates an organization's vision, mission, goals, and key roles, and a decision-making criterion for prioritizing the allocation of limited resources. In essence, it establishes the direction an organization is headed, verifies its performance, and provides essential data for marketing and promotion. By analyzing mid to long-term strategic plans, we can establish the core values and role of the organization as well as create the criteria for comparisons between organizations.

Some studies on the content analysis of strategic plans from libraries have been done. However, there has been no research on text analysis using text mining beyond traditional research methods. Text mining is the optimal method for analyzing unstructured text data.

This research analysis is aimed at the text mining of strategic reports from some of the national libraries including the one of the National Library of Korea, which will allow comparisons between them. The keyword clouds from each strategic plan were created as a result of text analysis and the trend can be recognized intuitively. Furthermore, topic modelling was used for subject analysis. These results can be referenced by any library when creating their own plans.

The full-text(Korean) of the report(The NLK Issue Paper, Vol.9) can be accessed at .

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