[National Library of Korea] NLK's Digitized Materials Service Guide

  • Writer Yun Yeongjo
  • Date 2022-08-02
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Greetings from the National Library of Korea(NLK)

The National Library of Korea(NLK) invites the library to support using the NLK's digitized materials including copyrighted ones.

Detailed information and application forms are attached to this email.

1. Send the Library Code Application (=Appendix 1) with "the name of the institution and official seal"

2. Send the IP information form (=Appendix 2)

* We suggest your limit 200 IPs (both public IP and Private IP) of designated PCs to the ones within your library for management purporses.

For example: (Good) / 134.58.*.* (not good-too broad)

If your library wants to use the NLK's digitized materials, please send the Library Code Application(=Appendix 1) and the IP information form(=Appendix 2)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Yeongjo Yun

National Library of Korea

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