2017 Overseas Koreanology Librarian Workshop(2017 해외 한국학 사서 워크숍 자료집)
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  • Date 2019-02-20
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■ Lecture

ㅇ NLK’s International Exchange & Cooperation Program

/ Cho, Seolhee (Deputy Director, National Library of Korea)
ㅇ New Challenges for Libraries and NLK’s Strategies

/ Choi, Yoon-kyung (Deputy Director, National Library of Korea)
ㅇ Introduction to Online Reference Sources for Korean Studies

/ Oh, Sanghee (Assistant Professor, Chungnam National University)
ㅇ Understanding Korean Art

/ Yun, Chin-yong (Senior Researcher, Academy of Korean Studies)
ㅇ Collection Development and Acquisitions of Korean Resources

/ Jude Yang (Yang, Yoon-lim) (Korean Studies Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
ㅇ Understanding Cataloging for Korean Materials

/ Park, Jee-young (Korean Studies Librarian, University of Chicago)

ㅇ Points of Concern and Future Direction for an International Film Network Hub

/ Cho Jun-hyoung (Korean Film Institute, Korean Film Archive)

ㅇ Korean Film Archive DB & Resource Service for Overseas Users

/ Kim, Gue-young (Cataloging Team, Korean Film Archive)

ㅇ OAK(Open Access Korea): Building and Expanding National Knowledge Information

/ Lee, Hwa-eun (Librarian, National Library of Korea)

ㅇ NLK’s Website Archiving (OASIS)

/ Lim, Hye-eun (Librarian, National Library of Korea)

ㅇ Old and Rare Books Digitization Project & Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System (KORCIS)

/ Ahn, Hye-kyong(Curator, National Library of Korea)
ㅇ Introduction to the NLK’s Preservation & Conservation Work and Future Tasks

/ Lee, Kwi-bok (Chief-conservator, National Library of Korea)
ㅇ Current Status Korean Studies Reference Resources and How to utilize them

/ Joo, Sung-jee (Chief, Department of Archival and Digital Resources, Northeast Asian History Foundation)

■ Presentation of the Participants
□ Basic Curriculum
ㅇ Korean Literature in Moscow : its Past, Present and Future

- Alexandra Strigunenko (Korean Cultural Center in Russia)
ㅇ San Jose Public Library

- Eunchin Lee (San Jose Public Library)
ㅇ Korean E-book Adaptation and Digital Resources at the David Allan Hubbard Library

- Audrey Chun (Fuller Theological Seminary)
ㅇ Publication of South Korean literature in France and its implications

- Kyungran Choi (Korean Cultural Center in France)
ㅇ “Window on Korea” in National Library of Uzbekistan

- Dilrabo Rustamova (National Library of Uzbekistan)
ㅇ Changing Library

- Liliane Sperr (Freie Universität Berlin)
ㅇ Window on Korea (WOK) in the South of Vietnam

- Bui Thu Hang (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City)
ㅇ An Overview of the Library of Korean Cultural Center

- Hee-ji Han (Korean Cultural Center in Germany)

□ Intensive Curriculum
ㅇ The Service Quality and User Satisfaction of the Academic Library Services

- Nawarathne Imihami Mudiyanselage (Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka)

ㅇ SOAS Library, University of London

- Jiyeon Wood (University of London)
ㅇ Korean Studies Resources at Helsinki University Library

- Juha Leppämäki (University of Helsinki)
ㅇ Services and Roles of Asian Resources Room, Kansai-kan, National Diet Library

- Miwa Hirota (National Diet Library, Japan)
ㅇ Building Asian Collections at Penn State University Libraries

- Yurong Yang Atwill (Pennsylvania State University)
ㅇ Korean Collection at UBC

- Lucia Park (University of British Columbia)