Media content creation spaces to be installed in 90 public libraries
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  • Registration Date 2021-06-23
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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) recently launched its Smart K-Library Project. Through this project, public libraries will develop spaces where library users can create their own media content.

Photo 1. A media content creation space at a public library (Source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)

Applications from interested libraries received by March 31

The Smart K-Library Project is designed to support public libraries in their efforts to help library users create media content by providing a space and tools.

It is expected that this project will allow public libraries to position themselves in their communities not only as a place to gain wisdom and information, but also as a platform for cultural services.

The Ministry has informed local governments and offices of education about the details of the project and received applications from interested libraries. The 90 public libraries selected for this project will be provided with funding to create a space and to purchase the needed equipment and tools.

“We would like public libraries to become cultural facilities for their communities, places in which people can create and experience media content even in no-contact environments,” said an official at the Ministry. “We hope more libraries will be able to participate in the future.”