The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism helps build public library facilities for children in Vietnam
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  • Registration Date 2021-06-23
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On January 27, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) opened its first Dream Plus Library in Hanoi, Vietnam as part of its project for constructing public libraries in developing countries.

The goal of this project is to enrich the lives of people in recipient countries by promoting reading, culture, information, and lifelong education.

From 2007 to 2019, the Ministry helped create 132 Thank You Small Libraries in elementary and secondary schools in developing countries. As a continuation and expansion of this project, the Ministry launched the public library construction project for developing countries in 2020 and opened its first Dream Plus Library for children at the Hanoi City Library.

Translated Korean literature, content on Korean culture, and other equipment were provided

The Dream Plus Library (about 400㎡ in area) opened on the fourth floor of the Hanoi City Library after two months of remodeling. The Dream Plus Library contains reading and cultural spaces customized to different age groups and designed to stimulate the imaginations of young users. The Korean Room provides a glimpse of Korean culture, and Korean cultural content (K-Pop music, films, soap operas, cartoons, etc.) are provided along with the necessary equipment (TV, desktop computer, and vim projector).

The special invitation period to promote the Dream Plus Library

The Ministry has provided active support for the library’s promotional efforts, including a Special Invitation period (January 27-February 9) and online events. Some 100 children from kindergartens and elementary schools in the area attended the Culture Plus event held during the Special Invitation period. They watched Pororo, a Korean children’s cartoon, and the Korean film A Little Princess. One child participant said, “The Dream Plus Library is so pretty and fun. It’s great for reading and resting. I’d love to come again with friends and read books here.”

“The nearly 1.82 million children in Hanoi can now nurture their dreams at this modern library facility,” said Pham Quoc Hung, Head of the Library Department at the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. “The beautiful friendship between our two countries has made this fantastic project possible.”

The Korean Ministry said, “We hope that the Dream Plus Library can provide a cultural complex for people in Hanoi and help strengthen our friendship. We will continue to support the sustainable development of culture and education around the world by sharing best library practices and services.”