Support provided for the construction or remodeling of 62 libraries to meet the needs of communities
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Support provided for the construction or remodeling of 62 libraries to meet the needs of communities

- Comprehensive consultations were held with libraries on themes from building design to operations with a goal to create future-oriented public libraries -

In cooperation with the Korean Library Association and the Hoseo University Industry-Academia Cooperation Team, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) will begin on-site consultations with 62 libraries in 14 cities and provinces regarding construction or remodeling projects.

A consortium was created with experts in construction, design, and the library field in order to move beyond the previously construction-focused consultations and provide more comprehensive consultations that cover additional aspects of library operations such as the needs of library users and library services and programs.

The consultants will review libraries’ plans for both construction and operation in order to reduce uncertainties over the scale and budget of their projects. The focus of the consultations will be on helping reflect the specific needs of local communities and on creating libraries well prepared for the future by incorporating the latest trends in culture and technology. The consultants will also discuss libraries’ plans for spaces, collections, and services tailored to their local communities with a particular focus on each library’s practical needs.

In addition, in-service training for library employees in charge of the projects will be offered with a goal of maximizing efficiency in the construction and operation of public libraries by local autonomous bodies. The Ministry is planning to promptly respond to the challenges being faced by libraries by offering online consultations at the Library Construction Planning System website (

“We are supporting local autonomous bodies with a budget of about 177.2 million won (160 projects) for efforts to construct or remodel public libraries. We hope these on-site consultations will help them create public libraries that are both efficient and well suited to the needs of local communities,” said the Ministry.