The Seoul Metropolitan Library reveals a library for the next generation as imagined by citizens

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The Seoul Metropolitan Library reveals a library for the next generation as imagined by citizens

As part of the LINK Revolution program, which was launched during the Seoul Knowledge Ieum Festival and Forum Idea-thon in 2021, the Seoul Metropolitan Library created and released “Why Not, Library?”, a video clip that introduces new models of library service as proposed by citizens.

Photo. A screen capture of the video “Why Not, Library?” (Source: The Seoul Metropolitan Library)

“Why Not, Library?" introduces four library services selected from the proposals submitted by seven citizen teams, including a teenager team, a university student team, a family team, and a coworker team. Eun-seong, a middle school student, and Woni, an officer worker at an IT startup company are two characters in the video that represent typical library non-users. In the video, these two characters explore library services from the perspective of general citizens.

The four services introduced in the video clip are a Metaverse library; an AI-based non-contact ophthalmology clinic app (BTT); a book keyword search service and an open discussion space; and reading books to puppies to improve reading skills (Read-athon).

The Metaverse library is an online environment in which users can access library materials and meet other people without having to visit physical libraries in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

AI-based non-contact ophthalmology clinic app (BTT/Bottom to Top) is an AI-based eye doctor app that library users can use when their eyes feel tired after reading books, watching DVDs, searching for information, or studying at the library.

The book keyword search service is a mind map service that helps users visualize and more easily understand the content of a book by linking keywords. Users can also find books related to special keywords or online discussion groups by searching discussion topics related to a book of interest.

Reading books to puppies (Read-athon) is a library service that helps children with reading difficulties or who do not enjoy reading to experience the joy of books. While children are reading books to puppies, parents and dog owners can socialize or participate in volunteer activities at the library.

Citizens proposed services that could tap into library resources and help solve problems experienced by users or address inconveniences in the use of the library. Eun-seong and Woni, along with Link, a volunteer dog, explore these proposed services and imagine the exciting library services to come.

Details on the services proposed by citizens can be found on the Seoul Metropolitan Library website ( Through the 2021 Seoul Knowledge Ieum Festival and Forum, the Seoul Metropolitan Library identified innovative library services that support sustainable roles for libraries in enhancing the quality of the lives of citizens. This effort to develop next-level library services will continue in the 2022 Seoul Knowledge Ieum Festival and Forum.

Following previous events, the 2022 festival and forum will also be led by citizens. Citizens will select the topics and issues for the festival. They will participate in the forum and Idea-thon, a place for discussing challenges and finding solutions to create libraries offering citizen-led and -oriented services.

The 2022 Seoul Knowledge Ieum Festival and Forum will be held on October 26 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Seoul Metropolitan Library. Volunteers at the festival, called Dodori (those who bring libraries into the lives of citizens), will select the theme for this year’s festival and lead the organization of the event. The library is planning to recruit volunteers in May.

Related videos, including those from the 2021 festival, can be viewed on the YouTube Seoul Metropolitan Library TV (