The MCST plans robust support policies for digital comics

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  • Registration Date 2022-09-27
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The MCST plans robust support policies for digital comics

On July 29, Minister Park Bo Gyoon of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) met with digital comics (“webtoon”) service providers at the Seoul office of the MCST Copyright Protection Division. “Webtoons are a form of art created using imagination, passion, persistence, and determination to open a new world,” said Minister Park. “We will establish measures to support the webtoon industry that match the status of our country as the originator of webtoons, as well as an environment in which diversity is respected.”

In this meeting, the Minister listened to the opinions of webtoon service providers and discussed policy directions with an aim to more actively supporting the industry. Prior to the start of the meeting, he expressed his condolences regarding the late webtoon artist Jang Seong-lak.

Suggestions from the participants at the meeting included: Introducing a definition of webtoon to the Comics Promotion Act and a standardized webtoon identification system; creating measures to prevent illegal distribution of webtoons; expanding support for small- to mid-sized webtoon enterprises; expanding support for webtoon artists with disabilities; promoting the acquisition and provision of quality comics by libraries; supporting regional infrastructure for webtoon production; establishing measures to improve labor conditions for webtoon artists; and expanding support for the translation of Korean webtoons into other languages.

“Webtoons are a basis for K-culture and a symbol of a culturally attractive country,” said Minister Park, reiterating his intention to expand translation support to internationalize South Korean webtoons and training opportunities for webtoon artists with disabilities. He also promised that he would work to make more webtoons available to the public through libraries. Showing particular concern on the health impact of the working conditions experienced by webtoon artists, Minister Park promised further institutional reforms, including the introduction of the right for webtoon artists to take a leave from posting, and requested cooperation from the industry.

By holding meetings with various sectors, Minister Park plans to continuously listen to voices from the fields of culture and arts.