[National Library of Korea] 'Information Sharing' Notice
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  • Date 2021-06-08
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Dear INKSLIB members,


I'm Yeongjo Yun who is in charge of the INKSLIB website in the National Library of Korea.

If you want to share your ideas with INKSLIB members all over the world, you can share them in the forms of writing, photos, and videos on [Information sharing] board on the website.

How to connect - (INKSLIB(inkslib.nl.go.kr) > Reference sources for Korean Studies Librarian > Information Sharing)


If you are an INKSLIB member, you can freely post your writings on the board and leave comments.

It allows you to share your ideas with librarians all over the world. We will look forward to reading your posts and comments!

Please let me know if there is anything you want to improve on the INKSLIB website.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes,



해외한국학사서글로벌네트워크 ‘INKSLIB Webzine’ 담당자 국제교류홍보팀 윤영조 주무관입니다.

해외 한국학 사서 분들과 공유하고 싶은 소식이 있다면 information sharing 게시판에 공유해주세요.

(접속방법 INKSLIB(inkslib.nl.go.kr) > Reference sources for Korean Studies Librarian > Information Sharing )

해외한국학사서글로벌네트워크 회원이시면 누구나 게시글을 작성할 수 있고 전 세계 한국학 사서 분들과 공유할 수 있습니다.

또한, INKSLIB 누리집에서 개선하고 싶은 기능이 있다면 INKSLIB@korea.kr로 의견 보내주시기를 요청드립니다.

좋은 하루 보내세요.