The purpose of Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop is to expand interest and foundation for the development of Korean studies and contribute to promoting the Korean wave by increasing overseas Korean studies librarians' understanding in Korean culture. The workshop aims to improve expertise in Korean studies library management and share Korean studies library trends. Along with that, the library plans to lay foundation for cooperation with the National Library of Korea by building a strong human resource network, provide opportunity to propose cooperation projects and share information with participant institutions.


Overseas librarians who have work experience in Korean materials and information (Acquisition, organization, service, etc.) and library executive administrators (e.g. Directors, Heads of East Asian Libraries) are qualified for the workshop.

- Korean Studies librarians and library executive administrators at national·university·public libraries overseas

- Managers and archive executive administrators at overseas Korean Studies (Asian) institutes and archives

- Librarians and library executive administrators in overseas institutions where Window on Korea is installed

- Those who have language abilities and is able to understand Korean or English lectures (Lectures will be given in Korean with consecutive English subtitles)


This workshop will be held in Korean with consecutive English subtitles. The Q&A Board can be used in Korean and English

- Holding a workshop specialized in old and rare collections considering previous/prospective participants’ opinions.

- Holding a lecture-based online workshop due to time difference and as it is impossible to provide practical training, etc.

- A brief Q&A session will be open on Ask a Librarian for Librarians board.

- INKSLIB website(inkslib.nl.go.kr) – a brief Q&A session will be open on Ask a Librarian for Librarians board.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

① We will decide on whether the applicant is qualified to attend considering the institution’s acquisition of Korean Studies materials, service performance, potential for development and continuous management etc. based on the application form.

② Those recommended by the head of the institution he/she belongs to. Applicants’ Korean • English skills and professional experience will be considered.

③ Those from institutions that carried out joint projects with our library will be prioritized (overseas institutions that have Window on Korea installed, institutions participating in Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System (KORCIS))


Personal information will not be used for other purposes except for the workshop.

The documents submitted will not be returned.

If you have any inquiries, please contact

E-mail: nlkworkshop1@gmail.com or inkslib@korea.kr