Questions How can I participate in Overseas Korean Studies Librarians Workshop

The National Library of Korea holds the Overseas Korean Studies Librarian Workshop every year

The workshop is for overseas librarians who have experience in collection, organization and service provision of Korean materials or information, and for researchers in the Korean studies field.

The program includes lectures on Korean studies, and provides an opportunity to learn about reference source searching, and knowledge and skills required for library service.

Detailed information about the application process is available on our INKSLIB website (inkslib.nl.go.kr).

[Contact] International Cooperation & Public Relations Team, National Library of Korea

Tel (02)590-6325 / FAX (02)590-6329 / E-MAIL: inkslib@korea.kr / nlkworkshop1@gmail.com

Questions Where are overseas libraries that I can access to full-text of NLK materials?
Where are overseas libraries that I can access to full-text of NLK materials?
List of overseas libraries with full-text access of NLK materials
Country Library(Year) Cultural Service Center (Year)
Germany Berlin State Library(2007)
Mongolia National Library(2009) Ulaanbaatar University Library(2010)
USA University of Southern California Library(2005) University of Chicago Library(2007) Stanford University Library(2009) Korean Culture Service NY(2009)
UK Korean Culture Service UK(2008)
japan Korean Culture Service Tokyo(2009)
China Yanbian Library(2010)
Poland Korean Culture Service Poland(2010)
France L'ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales(2005)
Canada University of Toronto Library(2008)
Australia Monash University Library(2007)
Questions How can I access to full-text of NLK held materials?

Among materials (full-text) digitized by the NLK, materials whose copyright has expired or permission has been granted are freely available. However, for copyrighted materials, you have to pay a flat-rate remuneration fee and access materials only at specific public libraries, university libraries and special libraries that signed agreement pursuant to the Copyright Law (Article 31. Reproduction, etc. in Libraries, etc.)

• Use of Free-of-charge Materials

- 150,000 items with permission to use or expired copyright - Available on website:

National Library of Korea(www.nl.go.kr)/ National Digital Library (www.dlibrary.go.kr)

• Use of Charged Materials through Agreement

- Available through the designated computers in the library that signed agreement with the Korea Literature, Academic works and Art Copyright Association (KORRA)-

[Contact Us]

- Digitized materials process

- E-MAIL: inkslib@korea.kr
Questions For materials not held in overseas institutions but held in Korea, can I obtain them as copies?

In that case, you can request an ILL operated by the National Library of Korea.

The National Library of Korea offers ILL and Copy & Delivery Service with overseas libraries and

information providers in order to share library information among nations.

How do I request an ILL?

[How to Use ILL]

How to Use ILL table - This table includes Available Materials, How?, Fees

Available Materials

• Periodical articles and monographs published in Korea that are not held by overseas institutions


Application for ILL and Copy and Delivery Service (DOWNLOAD)
• Fill out application and e-mail (ill@mail.nl.go.kr)
• Delivery time : approx. 1 month
※ photocopy is only permitted for part of materials


• Copying Charge = US$5.00 within 10 pages (US$4.00 for each additional 10 pages)
• Airmail Postage = US$3.00 (basic charges)
• ※ Only in US dollars or IFLA voucher (check is not accepted)

[Contact information]
Collection Management & Service Division
National Library of Korea
Phone: (02)590-0586
FAX: (02)590-0608
E-MAIL: ill@mail.nl.go.kr

Questions I would like to know if materials I am looking for are held in Korea.

If you want to find out whether materials you are looking for are available in Korea, post a message on‘Ask a Librarian for Librarians’of the site. We will answer you back once checking the source of the material.

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