2024 Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI)
Education and Training Program for Overseas Librarians
Program Description and Application Guidelines

※ Please read this guideline carefully before you fill out the application form.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea has been implementing a long‐term cultural exchange project called the Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) in order to promote intercultural ties and understanding among overseas countries.

The National Library of Korea (NLK) is a subsidiary organization of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. As part of the CPI program, the National Library of Korea has been operating the Education and Training Program for Overseas librarians since 2006. So far, 62 librarians from 23 countries have participated in the program.

1. Program Information

The objective of this program is to enhance cultural ties between Korea and other countries, and to foster librarians who can provide Korea-related information services at overseas libraries. The program provides library and information science professionals with field training in the National Library of Korea, individual research opportunities, Korean language courses and a valuable experience of Korean culture.

· Program Participants and Duration

· Participants: 4 librarians from 4 different Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries

· Duration: May to August 2024(14 weeks)

· Program Highlights

· Professional librarian program

 - Special lecture on understanding Korea’s libraries

 - Field training in National Library of Korea

 - Individual research and presentation, reports and articles

 - Library tours (including academic, public etc.) etc.

· Korean language course (Provided by university-affiliated organization)

· Experiencing Korean culture

 - Field trip, visiting heritage sites etc.

2. Application Requirements

· Application Deadline
All materials must be submitted to National Library of Korea by February 13, 2024

· Selection Criteria

· Current employment in a library

· At least 2 years of experiences as a librarian

· Age limit: 25-45 years old

· Fluency in conversational KOREAN or English and a reading knowledge of Korean or English. (This program is delivered in Korean and English.)

· Willingness and ability to share what is learned while at National Library of Korea with other participants from various countries and institutions

· Excellent communication skills

· Institution that wishes to cooperate actively with the NLK and provide active support when the NLK visits the institution for exchange

· The participant’s home institution’s demonstrated commitment to support sharing activities (Training seminars, workshops, etc.).

· Application Information

· Applications must be complete, received within the stated deadline, include all required attachments, and contain official confirmation.

· Applicants can send scanned copies of all documents via email. Selected participants will be requested to send the original documents via post mail later on.

· The application form must be completed in Korean or English, and should be typewritten, if possible. If hand written, it should be printed legibly.

· Please submit the following documents by order. All documents must be submitted in Korean or in English only. (If there are documents only available in your native language, their Korean or English translations must be submitted also.)

※ A complete application consists of the following:

1. Completed application form, in Korean or English

2. Undergraduate diplomas and transcripts

3. Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages)

Please include details on your professional activities, awards, honors and publications, etc.

4. Letter of Support from the Head (Chief Executive) of your institution

· Additional Application Information

· All materials must be submitted in Korean or English.

· National Library of Korea reserves the right to verify all information provided in the application.

· Documents will NOT be returned to the applicant.

· Short-listed applicants will be interviewed by telephone for selecting the final participants.

· All participants have the responsibility and duty to abide by all rules and instructions, and to completely focus on the program.

· Further instructions will be provided to the participants before the program starts.

· Participants should complete the training program during the 14 Weeks from May to August, 2024, Joining the program late or departing early is not permitted.

· All schedule can be changed depending on the situation.

3. Information

If you would like to know more about the program, please feel free to contact us via email below.

· National Library of Korea: www.nl.go.kr

· International Network for Korean Studies Librarians: inkslib.nl.go.kr

Send complete applications to:

International Cooperation & Public Relations Team

National Library of Korea

201, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06579, Korea

Telephone: 82-(0)2-590-6322 Fax: 82-(0)2-590-6329

Email: cpikorea@korea.kr Website: http://www.nl.go.kr