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From December 2018, Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea opened K-book website to provide publication information on books appropriate for the global publication market, for foreign users to search outstanding Korean books easily.

Currently, information on around 3,000 publications are provided on the website (author information, overview, domestic & foreign awards, copyright agent's email address etc.).

On the main page of K-book website, you can search books directly (by subject, target readers, keyword etc.) or search by category (literature, genre literature, children's literature, humanities & society, business & economics, science & technology, art & culture, practical, picture books, fairy tale books, learning cartoon books, other children's books etc.) & age (0~2, 3~5, 6~8, 9~12 years old, youth, young adult, adult) and browse books.


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On details page for each publication, you can see detailed information about the publication and even the actual copyright holder's contact information including publication information (overview, keyword, genre, target readers etc.), author (including illustrators) and publisher information, copyright information (representative, contact information and foreign sales authority), bestseller rank, awards, recommendations, media promotion, OSMU(one source multi use) etc.).


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In addition, the website provides publication information by author, publisher, agent, as well as Korean publication market status, publication trend on major issues, latest news etc..


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