NLK 's news in March 2022

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  • Date 2022-04-19
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The Path of Knowledge, Immersive Experience Area Opens

On March 14, NLK(Chief Executive Suh Hye Ran) opened the Path of Knowledge, an immersive content experience area and the area was open to visitors from the 15th.

The Path of Knowledge consists of the Author's Notebook and Smart Rounge. While Immersive Library (opened in 2021) focused on immersive contents from old collections, the Path of Knowledge introduced new experience methods with focus on modern and contemporary literature and recent books.

The Author's Notebook corner realizes the locations and objects of Korean modern and contemporary literary works. Smart Rounge, on the other hand, is a kiosk where you select your favourite season, colour, interest area and the machine recommends a book based on your selection.

The NLK is connecting its collections and high tech to provide new experience to its users.

Travel the history and culture of Estonia, Latvia and Lithania with the NLK

From March 14 to April 10, NLK held the exhibition Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - The Baltic Way at the Main Building jointly with the Embassy of Estonia in Korea, Embassy of Latvia in Korea and Embassy of Lithuania in Korea.

The exhibition provided a historical overview of the three Baltic states including the Baltic way and Batun - The Baltic's Appeal to UN and photos of the natural environment, buildings etc. of the three Baltic states.

K-Cultural Heritage Administration, Cooperation on K-content Preservation and Joint Utilization

On March 4, NLK signed a MOU with the Cultural Heritage Administration for national record culture heritage and K-content digitization for their preservation and joint utilization at Palace Museum of Korea.

The main content of MOU is cooperation for national record heritage digitization and joint utilization, establishment/operation of a consultative body to achieve the goal of the project, jointly holding workshops/seminars and sharing related information etc.

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